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Welcome to Lunam Labs

a collective of atypical Challengers

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Who We Are

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Lunam Labs is a collective of systemic thinkers, artists, techies, strategists, entrepreneurs, marketeers, scientists, architects, collectors, developers, creatives and investors; a collective of atypical Challengers. We thrive in challenging the status quo and thinking beyond the obvious. We thrive in facilitating change through using technology for good.  We stay as close to the edge as we can, without going over. It's out on the edge that you can see things you can't see from the center.

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Our Mission

brighter as the stars

At Lunam Labs, our mission is to bring people together through initiatives that help overcome injustice and gaps in society. The initiatives embrace the newest technologies in blockchain and NFTs and shed light on solutions, while challenging the current thinking. We focus on societal and economic return, while blockchain & NFT technology embraces humanity and lives together for a better world. 
We do this while believing that every individual has the power to change our environment; while believing that creativity can be used as a force for good; while believing that by combining disciplines and embracing diversity we will get to the most effective result; and finally, while believing that there are no limits to what we can achieve. 

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Challengers, get their inspiration from within, and use who they are to inspire as many people as possible

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Melissa Romero


Ralph Winkelmolen


Jodi Yang


Tamara Obradov


Bas Kemme


Vera Schut

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Mission 1: The Gamechangers

A Home for Artist & Founders

Women* artists and women entrepreneurs face the common challenge of being unfairly rewarded by their work: pieces by women artists are on average valued at 15% of the artworks by men, while 1% of all VC funding available goes to women entrepreneurs. 

What if we could give them both a level playing field in one go, leveraging art and technology?

The Gamechangers is an initiative that will elevate 10,000 game changing women role models (artists and entrepreneurs) to a global stage, generating funding for more women initiatives along the way.

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